Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is Limbaugh's Operation Chaos Working?

(ABC News) -- Jake Tapper

Operation Chaos

“Operation Chaos was born primarily for the purpose assuming Obama was going to be the nominee at the get-go of this,” Limbaugh explained on his show.

“He needs to be bloodied up politically since McCain is not going to do it. Since the Republican Party is not going to be on the field in this way, somebody's gotta bloody up Obama. The only person that can do it is Hillary, and she can't do it if she's not in the race -- and so the purpose was Operation Chaos was to keep her in the race and to have her bloody up Obama in the process of staying in the race.”

“And, lo and behold, it's happened,” Limbaugh said. “This is the crucible of chaos. Look at what Operation Chaos has forged. Mrs. Clinton now is threatening to obliterate Iran. She says she gonna break up OPEC. She wants to hold the money brokers responsible for the alleged recession. She says she gonna renege on NAFTA. She'll take what she calls the excess profits from Big Oil. And she's going to do all that while hunting and downing shots of Crown Royal followed by a beer.

North Carolina

Obama 56

Clinton 42


Obama 49

Clinton 51

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