Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama’s Electoral Problems Transcend Race

Barack Obama's difficulty luring white working class voters to his cause is well known. But he has plenty of other reasons to stay up at night.

May 30, 2008 - by Jennifer Rubin -- Pajamas Media

It is no secret: Barack Obama’s near-nomination rests largely on a coalition of African Americans, high income voters, young people and self-described “very liberal” Democrats. These voters have consistently turned out in primary races, giving him a majority of the pledged delegates (if you don’t count Michigan and Florida). Many pundits, joined by Hillary Clinton, have focused on the absence of white voters in Obama’s coalition.

. . . Since the heady primary days of Maryland, Virginia and Wisconsin, white Democratic voters have in essence abandoned Obama, even after the mainstream media declared the race over.

But this is not Obama’s only problem. There are several others that have gained less attention, but may be equally serious.

The first is an electoral puzzle. [and the second is age]

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