Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obama: They're going to make you afraid that I'm black

Wolf Blitzer of CNN plays audio from the campaign trail in Jacksonville, Florida.

From Hugh Hewitt:

Obama's casual slander of his opponents tells us everything about Obama and nothing about McCain or McCain's campaign. A day after Obama broke his promise to use public financing and the same week in which Obama ducks townhall forums with McCain that the Democratic nominee had previously agreed to, Obama plays a victim card, asking voters to feel sorry for him because he will be subject to attacks on his race by John McCain.

Barack Obama is coming into focus very quickly for America, and for the vast majority of Americans, who are neither racist nor stupid, this slander of McCain, the victim rhetoric and the easy ability to break words and commitments will not impress. At first Obama seemed just like a hard left radical with a nice personality. Now he seems like a hard-left radical willing to say anything to get to the top. Telling his supporters that he will be the subject of racist attacks by his opponent sows the seeds of an extremely divisive campaign which will sprout into imagined grievances that will endure long after the campaign ends regardless of who wins.

If racist appeals to vote against Obama appear, John McCain and theGOP and every other center-right voice in America will instantly denounce them. Obama knows this, as do his senior advisors, as does the MSM. To play the victim now is to allow Obama's supporters to begin to nurse resentments that are wholly fictional but which are deeply destructive, and warns us all that Obama isn't about "change" at all. He's about winning, whatever the cost.

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