Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama's Resume

Barack Obama: The Undistinguished Gentleman

A commenter with a fondness for science-fiction writes:

why does it drive u into a frenzy that ppl believe in O and admire him?

The short answer is that it doesn’t, though it strikes me as somewhat irrational and disproportionate to his supposed public accomplishments.

see the list

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karen said...

i like that chebama shirt. i just watched a movie on che, he was a true true hero - till his death he fought for the rights of the impoverished and has inspired my life in public service non-profit work. even when he had it good as a statesman - he went back to fight as a rebel solider for those that had nothing. like obama- he could have continued making big law firm money with a harvard degree but he went to fight for those that didnt have as a community organizer. a harvard degree and he goes and works as an organizer. that is the true american hero. thanks for making this shirt. i'd like to order one as it will remind everyone of people that truely fight for the rights of the unfortunate, what life should ideally be about. thanks again!