Monday, June 23, 2008

We are No Longer a Christian Nation

Obama, you're wrong. The fact is, America is a Christian nation:
Christian - 78.4%
Protestant - 51.3%, Catholic - 23.9%, Mormon - 1.7%, Jehovah's Witness - 0.7%, Orthodox - 0.6%, Other Christian - 0.3%

Other religions:
Jewish - 1.7
Muslim - 0.6
Buddhist - 0.7
Hindu - 0.4
other faiths - 1.2
unaffiliated - 16.1

Meanwhile, Obama snubs Muslims

With Obama's track record with Reverend Wright, etc., no wonder he attracts people who make hateful comments at his official website:

I take issue with him being a christian, because christianity breeds hatred and racism and all other manner of ill-will toward other human beings, but I’m not gonna fault him for it. As far as belief goes, we can all do better than christianity. I believe in God, I just don’t have any trust or faith in anyone who calls themselves a christian-they are some of the most hateful and vicious, cruel and spiteful ravenous greediest wolves on the planet, and with rare exception. Had it not been for “christians,” there would have been no slavery in America and none of this kind of racism for any of us to deal with in the first place.
-- Miss Bunny “Hussein”

LGF has been documenting these posts as fast as the Official Obama website monitors can take them down.

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