Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brian Williams Interviews Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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Brian Williams, anchorman and part-time earnest diplomat, needs to get back to reading the news. His blockbuster journalistic coup--scoring an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--is a farce.

Maybe it was the heady trip to the Middle East and Europe with the man who will bring peace to our world. Maybe it’s just the giddiness of scoring an interview with an evil dictator. But geez, buddy, watch the tape. It looked like a Borat interview--with Williams playing the sucker.

“It was clear to all of us watching and listening,” Williams raved, that Ahmadinejad “brought with him a new approach.” What’s the “new approach”? Oh yeah, “mutual respect”. Uh, Brian, the Iranians have said roughly one hundred thousand times that if America drops all sanctions and embraces the Tehran regime including its support for terrorism, killing American soldiers, and its nuclear weapons program, then we could be friends.

Williams did press for an answer on the new “freeze for freeze” offer from the United States and European nations--a freeze on enrichment in exchange for a sanctions freeze. Ahmadinejad wasn’t game to answer that, instead touting his own “nonepaper” (no spell check in Iran) that even the New York Times ridiculed as an “open-ended, cost-free, high-level negotiating process” with no value. Getting no answer to his question, Williams seemed disinclined to pursue the issue, instead seeking opinions on whether Iran really is pursuing nuclear weapons (phew, they’re not) and why Ahmadinejad keeps wearing that tan jacket (seriously).

“And finally,” Williams chortled, “loosely paraphrased, one of the comments he gave us today on the bomb front he said `nuclear weapons are so 20th century.'” He forgot to add that terrorism is “so eighties”.

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