Saturday, July 26, 2008

He came, he saw, he sprinkled us with stardust

He's not even President, but Obama's visit to London yesterday was little short of messianic

Euan Ferguson | The Observer | Sunday July 27 2008

He has a devilish, wicked, lopsided little half-smile, does Mr Barack Obama, and the instincts in his face want him to use it. Just as well, really, because it pulls him back into the realm of humanity, and without it we might be in danger of trading hallelujahs and tugging his frayed hem.

'He's not the President,' reprimands the copper keeping crowds at bay outside the House of Commons. 'Yes, he is!' wails a fat white sunburnt American. 'He's my President! Let me throooough, man, let me through!'

'He's not the President,' comes the (angrier, screechier, more frustrated and didactic) cop's reply. 'He's a ...'

I think he went on to get it right, roughly, didactically, in the sun. He is not the President yet. A visiting dignitary. But, oh, how I wanted this copper to be a great fan of The Life of Brian and continue... 'He's a very naughty boy.' Because there was something utterly messianic about the visit yesterday to London of what polls increasingly have down as the United States' next President. Not least the presence of mortals gathering to be sprinkled with stardust, PMs and PMs-in-waiting among them.

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