Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barack, uh, Obama's Inspirational Address To The Barbra Streisand, um, Hollywood Elites

Posted by: Duane R. Patterson at 1:49 AM
I guess the teleprompter was in the shop.

First of all, I want to thank, uh, the other entertainers who are here today, uh, a great friend and an extraordinary musician, Ben Harper. Please give it up for Ben. Tony, uh, Tony nominee (unintelligible.) Give it up for Raul. Before they walk off the stage, please give a big round to the band. Come on out here. Take a bow, guys. Thank you so much. And for one of the greatest singers of our generation, and entertainers, Barbra Streisand.

You know, this, uh, this should be a celebratory evening. We’ve got, we’ve got 48 days to go in the campaign, a campaign that started 19 months ago, at a time when a lot of folks thought we might not get here. Uh, they were skeptical that we could raise the money. They didn’t think we had the support. There was a sense that this skinny kid with a funny name, uh, you know, might not have what it took. But a lot of you out here said yes we can. And 19 months later, yes we can. And 48 days from now, yes we will.

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