Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jesus Was a Community Organizer

Amy Chozick reports from Lebanon, Va., on the presidential race.

Democrats are asking Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin: What would Jesus do?

The Alaska governor, a Christian, has come under fire for criticizing community organizers, but according to labor leader Cecil Roberts, Jesus was a community organizer.

“I used to be a community organizer and I’m in good company,” Roberts said as he introduced Barack Obama at a town hall event here Tuesday night. “Martin Luther King was a community organizer. Listen, Sarah, Moses was a community organizer and yes, Jesus was a community organizer.”

Steve Cohen, rep. of Tennesse, compares Obama to Jesus, Sarah to Pontius Pilate

Donna Brazile does the same thing

Dear Mr. Obama,
I am a life-long member of a world-wide Christian church. I have studied the Bible my whole life along with other Biblical texts. I know Jesus Christ as my personal savior and redeemer.

You sir, are no Jesus Christ.

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