Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Muammar Khadafi addresses Obama on June 11,2008

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from the "more info" section of this youtube video from Memri TV:

The Muslim World Awaits The Conquer of the USA from within.

No more Need to Battle us With Weapons, Politics seems to be Open, the Peaceful submission, with the LIE attached - "I'm not really doing this to you", says Obama, what other lie are we willing to believe?

Just AS the MOORS conquered SPAIN for 800 years. Does the US intend to become the next Islamo/Christian battle ground?

Khadafi holds Obama to a promise of repatriating Palastinians completely in Israel AND revealing Israels nuclear capacity, under threat of ASSASINATION. Is this what it means to be a Muslim - to be a traitor to your Country- or face assasination? Jihad says so!!

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