Monday, September 29, 2008

US elections: Barack Obama's team believes he can win by a landslide

At a recent street fair, I had a booth directly across from the local Obama's organization booth. The people that came over to talk to me had this mentality -- there was no way Obama was going to lose. It was already in the bag. There was no doubt. Even the Presbyterian priest had this belief, after asking me about my Chebama t-shirts. He didn't get my hammer/sickle image in the word "Change" on the back of my t-shirts. I mentioned Christian socialism, and his eyes lit up. -- Scott

Barack Obama's senior aides believe he is on course for a landslide election victory over John McCain and will comfortably exceed most current predictions in the race for the White House.

By Tim Shipman in Washington |Last Updated: 8:18PM BST 27 Sep 2008

Their optimism, which is said to be shared by the Democratic candidate himself, is based on information from private polling and on faith in the powerful political organisation he has built in the key swing states.

Insiders say that Mr Obama's apparent calm through an unusually turbulent election season is because he believes that his strength among first time voters in several key states has been underestimated, both by the media and by the Republican Party.

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