Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chavez’s New Election Strategy: Threaten Opponents with Jail

October 29, 2008 - by Daniel Duquenal | Pajamas Media

Venezuela is facing local and regional elections on November 23, and increasingly negative polls are troubling sitting president Hugo Chavez. Indeed, the triumphant Chavez of December 2006, reelected with 63% on a wave of unprecedented populist measures fueled by constantly increasing oil prices, believed he had it all. In two years he has been told otherwise.

First, his wish to change the constitution so as to be reelected as needed was voted down in the referendum of 2007. Not only will he now have to leave office in January 2013, but a series of special powers he obtained to implement a socialist state has been rejected, justly perceived by the people as an authoritarian power grab. His internal image has also been tarnished by major errors such as closing the RCTV television station, whose soap operas were a favorite among the Chavista voters.

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