Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Washed-up Terrorist' Ayers Stays Mum on Ties to Obama

Works Hard to Duck Reporters, Says Radicals Being "Demonized" by Fox News
By BRIAN ROSS and MOLLY DEAN | October 27, 2008 | ABC News

His relationship with Sen. Barack Obama has become a major theme of the McCain campaign.

His background with a 1960's domestic terror group, the Weather Underground, has been recounted in hundreds of news articles.

His words could add to the evidence that debunks the claims Obama was "palling around with terrorists."

But Bill Ayers is staying mum, and working hard to duck reporters and the campaign spotlight in the final week before the election.

He told a journalism student attending a education justice symposium in New York Sunday he and other former radicals were being "demonized" by Fox News. "We're nice guys, right?"

Asked by the student, if he repudiated the actions of the Weather Underground, which carried out a series of 1960's robberies and bombings that killed at least six people, Ayers walked away without answering.

see Brian Ross ask Ayers "What is it you're hiding?"

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