Sunday, November 23, 2008

Candy-ass goes mainstream

Classic Values | November 22, 2008

Perhaps I'm a callused and insensitive bastard, but I'm well aware that unless they are eaten alive (which happens only in certain other countries it is racist to criticize), animals have to be killed before being eaten. While animal rights activists and radical vegans do not like this, people who eat meat obviously accept the inevitable killing which is a precursor to their meal.

If they don't, well, then there's something seriously wrong with the way they think. I like to assume that normal people think in a normal manner, and that people who eat meat have to know that it came from an animal which was slaughtered.

So yesterday when I read that Governor Sarah Palin held a press conference after her annual "turkey pardon" at a turkey farm while turkeys were being slaughtered in the background, I assumed that this Huffington Post reaction (calling the turkey killings "surreal" and "gruesome") that Ann Althouse blogged about was just an example of animal rights activist fare. Anyway, I agreed with her reaction:

Deal with it, you candy-asses. If you eat meat, something like that is going on in the background for you too.

I agree, but it didn't seem worth a blog post yesterday. Writing about painfully obvious things is sometimes, well, painful, especially when I'm busy, as I have been lately.

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