Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obama/Blago picture deleted from Illinois state website

Remember the picture of Barack Obama "conferring" with recently-arrested Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich? If not, see this 12/10 post.

Now, the state of Illinois has deleted from their website the PDF that contained that picture. It was in the state publication "Governors Gazette" and originally at illinois.gov/govgazette/pdfs/Gazetteedition_2008Nov.pdf That page now returns a 404 not found, as does Version 2 of that Gazette (originally located at illinois.gov/govgazette/pdfs/Gazetteedition_2008Nov_2.pdf) and the /gazette directory.

Thankfully, using Obama's habit of "changing things around" on his own sites as a clue - as well as the KHQA example - I saved off a copy, and here's the PDF. The other two documents that were deleted are here; they don't appear to contain anything interesting but bear in mind that Google's cache didn't have whatever images were on those pages.

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