Tuesday, February 24, 2009

backlash - New American Tea Party at Facebook

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SCHEDULE OF Tea Party Protests:

America is on the brink of another revolution. In a new American Tea Party, citizens across the USA are beginning to protest giant government programs that reach deep into their pockets. These programs create huge economic burdens on American families and threaten their livelihood now and into the future.

Organizing your own Tea Party Protest?
PJTV would like to help publicize it before, during and after the event.
If you are organizing such a protest in your community, email us at atp@pjtv.com.
Please indicate:
- Date, Start Time and End Time, Location
- Purpose
- Who is sponsoring this event
- Photo is optional (198 x 126 pixels are ideal)
Although American Tea Party and PJTV will list some of the planned events and protests, we cannot vouch for their legitimacy. You will need to determine from local authorities if a permit is needed for your particular event.

Tea Party Videos, plus DIRECTORY of past and future Tea Party protests at: http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=page&page-id=78

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