Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hope. Change. The rest of the world still hates us.

Don Suber |

Not impressed.

The BBC took a poll. The world still hates us:

“Views of the US have improved modestly over the past year but remain predominantly negative, even though the poll was taken after President Obama’s election.”


“Views of the US showed improvements in Canada, Egypt, Ghana, India, Italy and Japan. But far more countries have predominantly negative views of America (12), than predominantly positive views (6). Most Europeans show little change and views of the US in Russia and China have grown more negative. On average, positive views have risen from 35 per cent to 40 per cent, but they are still outweighed by negative views (43%, down from 47%).”

What? The sky did not open? The light did not come down? Celestial choirs did not sing? The world is not now perfect? *

Reality is hitting liberals.

Envy, honey, envy.

We’re the bestest nation and they are soooooooooo jealous of us.

But don’t worry. Obama is prez. His new programs will make us just like the rest of the world…

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