Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama's Audacity

AP to the Obama’s poster maker: Pay up, you pirates.

The other day, I mentioned that President Obama had so many lawyers on his taxpayer-paid staff that they had nothing better to do than go after people who use his image for commercial purposes.

A White House spokesbot told Bloomberg News: “Our lawyers are working on developing a policy that will protect the presidential image while being careful not to squelch the overwhelming enthusiasm that the public has for the president.”

The irony being that Obama swiped his slogan – “Yes we can” — from a children’s show.

A British children’s show.

Well, now the Associated Press has something that will really put those lawyers to work.

It charges that the Obama campaign stole a photo that AP owns and used it for his poster.

AP alleges copyright infringement of Obama image
Feb 4 06:56 PM US/Eastern
AP National Writer

Note to AP: Obama doesn't believe in capitalism. Intellectual property is just bourgeoisie rubbish to be confiscated and used by the proletariat to further party strength and superiority over the rich and undeserving wealthy class. You will not get one dime for you digital images.

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