Monday, May 11, 2009

The "rich" are idiots

By TigerHawk at 5/10/2009 11:04:00 AM
When it comes to politics, the "rich" will sell you the votes to hang them by. Exhibit A: "Barack Obama's rich supporters fear his tax plans show he's a class warrior." What was their first clue? It is not as though he is doing anything differently than he had promised (other than using the economic crisis as a reason to accelerate federal spending to escape velocity).

I have no problem with rich people who supported Barack Obama, but those who express surprise at his class warfare political chatter and passion for the regulation of business simply were not paying attention. That is why I held my nose and voted for John McCain, whose own bashing of wealth, achievement and enterprise was obviously credit-crisis electioneering. Lesser evil and such.

If you are going to be "rich," be proud of it and only vote against your own pecuniary interests to achieve some collateral objective. You know, because you want to treat our traditional allies more respectfully or some such reason (bwahahaha!). Do not, please, be a moron and claim to be surprised when the dude's actions in office closely mirror everything he stood for his entire life up until the last five months before the general election.

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