Sunday, June 14, 2009

the aftermath of a sham election

What's Happening In Tehran?
June 14, 2009 Posted by John at 9:28 PM

Breitbart TV has put together these 14 videos showing the ongoing protests and violence in Tehran. The first segment reportedly (according to AllahPundit) shows an Iranian whose home was invaded by policemen and who was beaten to death. The footage is, obviously, extraordinary:

UPDATE: Michael Totten has much more. He seems to take seriously the idea that the regime could be in trouble. This is painful to read:

According to our private phone conversations with people in Tehran, hundreds of parents have gathered by a police station in Yousef Abad, now known as Seyyed Jamal Aldin Asad Abadi, with their hands raised to the sky saying "Obama, please help us, they are killing our young children."

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