Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama Misunderestimates Why He Won the Presidency

By Clark S. Judge | Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:45 AM

There are limits to what a great communicator can accomplish if he is communicating the wrong message. In the last few weeks, Barack Obama has been receiving a lesson in this truth and learning, perhaps, too, that he, in the words of his less audibly gifted predecessor, “misunderestimated” why he won the presidency.

. . . Here is the White House’s dilemma, though probably not one they have yet recognized: They are excellent communicators, so when they speak, people understand. But the people – the people who have been swinging between the two parties over the last half-decade – do not like what the White House is telling them about its plans for the nation.

All the communications in the world won’t help. Unless the President and his advisors correct their “misunderestimation” of why they are in office and of those that put them there, their troubles will continue. Who knows? We might even see a Republican House if not Senate elected in 2010.

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