Friday, July 31, 2009

The Seven things we learned at the Presidential Beer Summit on Race Relations in America

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So, what did we learn from this teachable moment?

1. That the parties involved who may need the most teaching, are unteachable (not humble enough to admit any fault).

2. That the simple matter of neighbors looking out for neighbors has been entirely lost in this whole affair.

3. That the "post-racial" era of Obama is not so much post-racial.

4. That the chill of being called a racist may prevent honest, sincere people from looking out for their neighbors.

5. That Barack Obama is an obvious rookie who doesn't know when to just butt out. To the community organizer, there are no boundaries. Everything is game, everything can be micro-managed, be it local, county, state, federal or global. Jimmy Carter was considered a micro-manager while Reagan was maligned for his delegating style. It is doubtful that even Jimmy Carter would have stuck his nose in an alleged home invasion/burglary case that turned into a public disturbance arrest -- even if the person in question was an elite academic racist snob who happened to be white.

6. That nobody apologized at the Presidential Beer Summit on Race Relations in America (hereafter known as PBSRRA). They agreed to disagree. Did President Barack Obama and the black Harvard professor (hereafter known as Henry Louis Gates Jr.) secretly wish for an apology from the white police officer (hereafter known as Police Sgt. James Crowley)? We'll never know. Should someone have apologized at this first annual PBSRRA event? Yes. Two people:

President Barack Obama obviously needs to apologize for not inviting the reporting party (who will hereafter be known as Lucia Whalen) who has been viciously maligned as that "white bitch" who started this whole mess. Lucia Whalen (who claims she isn't white, but has olive skin and is of Portuguese descent), never mentioned that black men were breaking into the professor's house (as it has been confirmed on the 911 tapes).

President Barack Obama needs to apologize for not inviting the black police sergeant (hereafter known as Sgt. Leon Lashley) to the first annual PBSRRA summit. Sgt. Lashley says he's been maligned as an “Uncle Tom” for supporting the actions of the white arresting officer. President Obama, did you read Sgt. Lashley's letter to Mr. Gates after Sgt. Crowley handed it to you at the first annual PBSRRA summit?

President Barack Obama, for acting stupidly in commenting on a local law enforcement incident without all the facts. Mr. President, you have diminished the office of the president throughout this whole idiotic affair. Saturday Night Live made some funny skits of Sarah Palin during the campaign. Mr. President, you're writing the scripts and acting in the skits without SNL's help at all.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., for being a snob. Henry Louis Gates Jr. for showing disrespect to law enforcement. Henry Louis Gates Jr. for bringing race into a problem that had nothing to do with race. Henry Louis Gates Jr. for showing a complete lack of common sense on the night in question.

7. And lastly, that feminist lawyers will try to turn a "local cops vs. elitist black snobs" issue into a gender-hating issue. Did you hear the snarkiness coming out of Lucia Whalen's attorney?

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