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George Will: Barack is an Ivy League Huey Long

Published Aug 29, 2009 | Newsweek

In August our ubiquitous president became the nation's elevator music, always out and about, heard but not really listened to, like audible wallpaper. And now, as Congress returns to resume wrestling with health care reform, we shall see if he continues his August project of proving that the idea of an Ivy League Huey Long is not oxymoronic.

Barack Obama in August became a Huey for today, a rabble rouser with a better tailor, an unrumpled and modulated tribune of downtrodden Americans, telling them that opponents of his reform plan—which actually does not yet exist—are fearmongers employing scare tactics. He also told Americans to be afraid, very afraid of health-insurance providers because they are dishonest (and will remain so until there is a "public option" to make them "honest"). And to be afraid, very afraid of pediatricians who unnecessarily extract children's tonsils for monetary rather than medical reasons. And to be afraid, very afraid of doctors generally because so many of them are so rapacious that they prefer lopping off limbs of diabetes patients rather than engaging in lifestyle counseling that for "a pittance" could prevent diabetes.

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PJTV: Obama's House of Czars w/ Glenn Reynolds

InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds gives us a run through of Obama's Czars. With the number of czars almost reaching three dozen, these newly created government posts may be signaling an executive power grab and have some people worried.

capitalists can't do capitalism

The Record of the Federal Reserve
By Erik Voorhees | 27 Aug 2009
Not a day goes by without talk of the Federal Reserve, whether by the organization itself or by its opponents. An incessant cheerleader of his organization, Chairman Ben Bernanke will be the first to tell you that the Federal Reserve is an utmost necessity to the smooth operation of the U.S. financial system. Some would disagree. And while ongoing events can be difficult to objectively examine, hindsight is usually much more prescient.

Let's set aside what The Fed says for a moment and examine what it actually does.

* From 1776 to 1912 (136 years), the value of the dollar, relative to the Consumer Price Index, increased by 11%. A dollar could buy 11% more goods in 1912 than in 1776. Thus, if in 1776, you sat on your savings pile of $1,000,000 for 136 years, it would then be worth $1,110,000 in purchasing power (it will have appreciated in value by 11%). A loaf of bread for Thomas Jefferson cost the same as a loaf of bread for Lincoln 50 years later and again the same for J.P. Morgan 50 years after that.

* The United States Federal Reserve System was created in 1913. The stated purpose of the Fed, by the definition taken from its own website, is to "conduct the nation's monetary policy by influencing money and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of full employment and stable prices." Note that "stable prices" is another way of saying "stable dollar," they are two sides of the same coin (couldn't resist the pun).

* After the Fed's creation, from 1913 to 2008 (95 years), the value of the dollar, relative to the Consumer Price Index, decreased by 95%. A dollar could buy 95% fewer goods in 2008 than in 1913. Thus, if in 1913, you sat on your savings pile of $1,000,000 for 95 years, it would then be worth only $50,000 in purchasing power (it will have depreciated in value by 95%). One would now need to pay about 20X more than J.P. Morgan for one's bread. Ask my mother how much the price of milk has increased just in the last ten years alone.

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communists can't do capitalism

Fears over Chávez threaten oil auction
By Benedict Mander in Caracas
Published: August 30 2009 18:27 | Last updated: August 30 2009 18:27

The future of one of the world’s biggest oil auctions is in jeopardy as Venezuela’s socialist government and oil companies remain at loggerheads over terms to develop a key oil field.

Repeated delays in the bidding for rights to exploit the Orinoco Belt – which was postponed for a third time at the end of last month – reflect investor concerns about political risk, onerous financing costs and the profitability of the projects. Lower oil prices and a stuttering global economy only add to the problem.

. . . At the top of the list were fears about the unstable political climate in Venezuela and the unpredictability of President Hugo Chávez as he championed his socialist revolution.

“Security is still the big X-factor,” said Pietro Pitts, the Caracas-based editor of Latin Petroleum Magazine. “Scarcely a month goes by without the government taking over another private company,” he said, highlighting the expropriation of the assets of more than 70 oil service companies this year.

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Video: Shea-Porter has constituent arrested at town-hall forum

posted at 1:20 pm on August 30, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
This is a curious re-election strategy, especially for a Representative who made her name by bird-dogging her former Congressman at his town-hall forums. Consistency isn’t Carol Shea-Porter’s strong suit, apparently, as she demonstrates in this clip from the meeting she finally held with constituents after dodging them for most of the month. When one of her constituents challenges the presence of union enforcers in the crowd, Shea-Porter asks for police intervention.

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Rasmussen: 57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress

Sunday, August 30, 2009 | Rasmussen Reports

If they could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, just 25% of voters nationwide would keep the current batch of legislators.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% would vote to replace the entire Congress and start all over again. Eighteen percent (18%) are not sure how they would vote.

Overall, these numbers are little changed since last October.

In Honduras, While Obama Backs The Bad Guy, The Good Guy Does What Good Guys Do

Posted by: Jude at 1:40 PM | Friday, August 28, 2009 | Hugh Hewitt

Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti is acting like the true Honduran patriot he is. We saw his character in an interview with Chris Burgard weeks ago, but the Obama administration has only turned it's back on the man representing the laws and the interests of the Honduran people. This morning the Washington Times broke the story:
"The interim president of Honduras has offered the man he replaced after a June coup the chance to return to the country on the condition that both renounce claims to the presidency, a negotiator said Thursday."
Read the article to see how, in spite of the continuing efforts by foreign parties to interject themselves by brokering a "solution", Honduras can solve its own problems. The deal terms:
• Both Mr. Micheletti and Mr. Zelaya would resign.
• The next in line under the constitution would become interim president.
• New elections would be scheduled and monitored by independent foreign observers.
• Mr. Zelaya may return as a private citizen.
• Mr. Micheletti will support a decision by the Honduran congress to grant "political amnesty [not involving common crimes] to all parties relating to events of June 28."

That last part is important because the ex-president apparently took a few million from the central bank on his way out. As you do. Anyway, let's recap. Would-be strongman Zelaya tried to openly bypass the Honduran constitution in order to remain president for longer than allowed. He was supported in this by Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, and Noriega, just to give you an inkling of where he was coming from. He tried to co-opt the military in his crime, but was refused. Unfortunately for him, Honduran law specifically makes illegal any attempt by a president to do such a thing - mainly because of guys like him. So Zelaya had his illegal initiative ballots printed up in Venezuala and tried to move forward. He was opposed in this by the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, The Congress, and the military. His arrest was ordered by the AG, and the Supreme Court ordered the military to carry it out, which they did.

This is where the crocodile tears begin . . .

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Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?"

This video was taken on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at Rep. Jim Moran's (D-VA) Town Hall meeting on Obama Deathcare (Howie Dean was there too) held at South Lakes High School in Reston, VA.

Many people were left outside when the school filled to capacity. School security officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. did not like an anti-Obamacare poster which used one of the gone-viral "Joker" graphics.

When I said to Officer Cheeks, "This used to be America!" his response was: "It ain't no more, OK?"

My question -- do school security guards take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Hmmm.

Chappaquiddick Revisited

By R. P. George and D. Quinn | July 31, 2009 12:00 PM | National Review Online

On the evening of July 18, 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne died while trying to free herself from Edward M. Kennedy’s submerged automobile in a tidal channel on Chappaquiddick Island.

The fortieth anniversary of Miss Kopechne’s death passed with scarcely a word’s being mentioned of it in the media. Perhaps it was not simply a matter of liberal bias. With Senator Kennedy now seriously ill, many journalists no doubt considered that it might be unseemly to bring up the subject.

But however uncomfortable it may be to recall the circumstances of Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, Americans must not forget what happened to her, nor must a delicate sensibility prevent us from remembering how a powerful man and his savvy handlers were able to shield him from responsibility for his behavior towards her.

Mary Jo Kopechne died because, after recklessly causing an accident, Teddy Kennedy, in his nearly unfathomable self-absorption and political ambition, failed to do what almost anyone would have done to rescue her — namely, report the accident and call for emergency help. Instead, Kennedy thought only of himself and his political career.

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RIP Ted Kennedy

The Patriot Post | Alexander's Essay – August 27, 2009
Lion of the Left
"The foundation of national morality must be laid in private families. ... Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics." --John Adams

Teddy Kennedy
Have you ever attended a funeral service out of respect for a friend or colleague, and left perplexed as to whom the eulogy was referring? Just once, I would like to go to a ser vice for some disreputable rogue and have a clergyman deliver a eulogy that was faithful to the facts rather than full of fiction. (Hopefully, that won't be my own!)
I am certainly not suggesting that we should stand in judgment of any man, for that is the exclusive domain of our Creator. However, we should never abandon our responsibility to discern right from wrong.
On that note, Edward "Teddy" Kennedy (22 February 1932 -- 25 August 2009) died this week at age 77.
Kennedy spent the last 47 of his years as a senator, having been perpetually re-elected by the people of Massachusetts. This made him the third-longest serving senator -- behind Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Strom Thurmond (R-SC) -- in that chamber's august history.
Of course, a fawning Leftmedia will inundate us with non-stop coverage of Kennedy's life, featuring interviews with his political sycophants up to, and probably well after, his interment at National Cemetery. The airways and printed pages are already sodden with accolades, mostly framing the senator's life as one of great personal tragedy but great public success.
Let's take a look at both.

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this woman is simply an idiot

This audio is from Thursday night’s town hall health care debate at Wade AME Church where Rep. Diane Watson [D] made some astonishing comments:

"They are spreading fear and they're trying to see that the first president who looks like me -- fails."

"People look at the United States as a country that has changed it's way and elected someone from Kenya and Kansas, I'll put it like that."

"You can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met."

"You know, the Cuban Revolution that kicked out the wealthy -- Che Guevara did that. And then after they took over they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation . . . and they found, well just leave it there , ha, ha, ha, an attorney by the name of Fidel Castro."

Last I checked Fidel is still alive. And where did she get her history of the Cuban Revolution? Che did all the work, and then they find a leader? An attorney?

The attack on Moncada Barracks happened July 26, 1953. After Fidel got out of prison, he went to Mexico, and that's where he met up with Che Guevara. It was Che joining up with Fidel, not the other way around. Diane! If you're going to promote and praise Cuban communism, why not at least learn a little of the history so you don't sound like a blathering fool?

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

by Declan McCullagh | August 28, 2009 12:34 AM PDT

Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.

They're not much happier about a revised version that aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, have spent months drafting behind closed doors. CNET News has obtained a copy of the 55-page draft of S.773 (excerpt), which still appears to permit the president to seize temporary control of private-sector networks during a so-called cybersecurity emergency.

The new version would allow the president to "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks and do what's necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for "cybersecurity professionals," and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.

"I think the redraft, while improved, remains troubling due to its vagueness," said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which counts representatives of Verizon, Verisign, Nortel, and Carnegie Mellon University on its board. "It is unclear what authority Sen. Rockefeller thinks is necessary over the private sector. Unless this is clarified, we cannot properly analyze, let alone support the bill."

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Obamacare: The Only Exit Strategy

By Charles Krauthammer | Friday, August 28, 2009

Obamacare Version 1.0 is dead. The 1,000-page monstrosity that emerged in various editions from Congress was done in by widespread national revulsion not just at its expense and intrusiveness but also at the mendacity with which it is being sold. You don't need a PhD to see that the promise to expand coverage and reduce costs is a crude deception, or that cutting $500 billion from Medicare without affecting care is a fiction.

But there is an exit strategy. And a politically clever one, if the Democrats are smart enough to seize it.

the five part strategy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Markey: Medicare will take hit

By Robert Moore • For Loveland Connection • August 27, 2009

Some people, including Medicare recipients, will have to give up some current benefits to truly reform the nation's health-care system, Rep. Betsy Markey told a gathering of constituents in Fort Collins on Wednesday.

Markey has repeatedly said during the August congressional recess that Medicare spending needs to be reined in to help pay for reforming the broader health-care system.

"There's going to be some people who are going to have to give up some things, honestly, for all of this to work," Markey said at a Congress on Your Corner event at CSU. "But we have to do this because we're Americans."

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Mark Steyn with Hugh Hewitt

Topics include Ted Kennedy, KennedyCare, UK health care atrocities, Betsy Markey admits that Dems want to cut MediCare.

more Hugh Hewitt podcasts here

quotes gathered by the Patriot Post

Editor's Note: If it were a matter of mere political disagreement, we would join the calls to strike a conciliatory tone and mourn the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy. But we do a disservice to him and the country to call him anything but what he was. Ted Kennedy was not a good man and we mourn the damage (or worse) he did both to individuals and to America.

"Our country has lost a great leader, who picked up the torch of his fallen brothers and became the greatest United States Senator of our time." --President Barack Obama, lamenting the death of Ted Kennedy

"No one has done more than Senator Kennedy to educate our children, care for our seniors and ensure equality for all Americans. Ted Kennedy's dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration." --House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (Does she mean that Kennedy did more than the people who actually educate our children and care for our seniors?)

"Ted Kennedy's dream was the one for which the Founding Fathers fought and for which his brothers sought to realize. The liberal lion's mighty roar may now fall silent, but his dream shall never die." --Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) (Actually, the Founding Fathers fought against oppressive big government.)

"[Ted Kennedy was] the best senator, the best advocate you could hope for." --Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) (He was the best advocate -- unless your last name was Kopechne.)

Messiah complex: "We are God's partners in matters of life and death." --Barack Obama (Apparently Obama got a promotion since stating that abortion decisions were "above his paygrade...")

The log is his eye: "I know there's been a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks out there who are frankly bearing false witness." --Barack Obama, the master of bearing false witness

Victimitis: "Part of what I feel is that one very successful minority is permissible, but when you see too many success stories, then some people get nervous. ... I don't think the media has acted in a racist way, but I have felt stereotyped at times." --New York Gov. David Paterson, who is black and using that fact to complain about being treated badly

"There is a lot one could say of Senator Kennedy -- positive from supporters, negative from critics. They say one should not speak ill of the dead. True. But I am of the view that one should not lie about the dead either." --political analyst Bill Bennett

"[Ted] Kennedy left the scene of a fatal accident for which he was at least partly responsible. Then he used his extraordinary power to get off, spending the rest of his career in pseudo-remorse, playing the most liberal of Senators. It was always an act to me, even when I agreed with him politically. This was not a life well lived." --author and screenwriter Roger L. Simon

The Compleat List of Czars

By Nancy Matthis | Monday, August 3rd, 2009 at 6:05 am

The 8/06/09 update reflects the impending departure of the cybersecurity czar, Melissa Hathaway, adds the new “disinformation czar” and clarifies the media caused ambiguity between the “auto recovery czar” and the “car czar” — see full discussion of this in update following the original post.]

1. Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) czar, Richard Holbrooke
2. AIDS czar, Jeffrey Crowley [openly gay white man]
3. Auto recovery czar, Ed Montgomery
4. Behavioral science czar, position not yet filled
5. Bailout czar, Herbert Allison Jr., [replaced Bush bailout czar Neel Kashkari, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability confirmed by Senate]
6. Border czar, Alan Bersin
7. Car czar, Ron Bloom [Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury , under Senate oversight]
8. Climate change czar, Todd Stern
9. Copyright czar, not appointed yet
10. Counterterrorism czar, John Brennan
11. Cybersecurity czar, position will be vacant on August 21st [upon the departure of Melissa Hathaway]
12. Disinformation czar, Linda Douglass [This is a new media buzz since our earlier list, a response by pundits to the White House request for informants: see Glenn Beck and Lew Rockwell]
13. Domestic violence czar, Lynn Rosenthal
14. Drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske
15. Economic czar, Larry Summers
16. Economic czar number two, Paul Volcker
17. Education czar, Arne Duncan
18. Energy czar, Carol Browner
19. Food czar, Michael Taylor [a former Monsanto executive, or, the fox in charge of the henhouse]
20. Government performance czar, Jeffrey Zients
21. Great Lakes czar, Cameron Davis
22. Green jobs czar, Van Jones [who has a communist background]
23. Guantanamo closure czar, Daniel Fried
24. Health czar, Nancy-Ann DeParle
25. Infotech czar, Vivek Kundra [Shoplifted four shirts, worth $33.50 each, from J.C. Penney in 1996 (source). His last day in DC government was March 4 but on March 12 the FBI raided his office and arrested two staffers.]
26. Intelligence czar, Dennis Blair [Director of National Intelligence, a Senate confirmed position. He is a retired United States Navy four-star admiral]
27. Latin-American czar, Arturo Valenzuela (nominee) [although this post is referred to as a czar, he is nominatied to be Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs and so is subject to Senate confirmation. Voting on his confirmation was delayed to clarify his position on Honduras. Watch WaPo’s Head Count to track status of confirmation.]
28. Mideast peace czar, George Mitchell
29. Mideast policy czar, Dennis Ross
30. Pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg
31. Regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein
32. Religion czar, aka God czar Joshua DuBois
33. Safe schools czar, Kevin Jennings [appointed to be Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, a newly created post (that does not require Senate confirmation); openly gay founder of an organization dedicated to promoting pro-homosexual clubs and curricula in public schools]
34. Science czar, John Holdren
35. Stimulus oversight czar, Earl Devaney
36. Sudan czar, J. Scott Gration
37. TARP czar, Elizabeth Warren [chair of the [Congressional Oversight Panel for the Trouble Assets Relief Program; note that Herb Allison is frequently called the TARP czar]
38. Technology czar, Aneesh Chopra
39. Trade czar, Ron Kirk
40. Urban affairs czar, Adolfo Carrion
41. War czar, Douglas Lute [retained from Bush administration, married to Jane Holl Lute, currently a Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security]
42. Water czar, David J. Hayes [a Deputy Interior Secretary and therefore subject to Senate oversight]
43. Weapons czar, Ashton Carter [actually Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and so subject to Senate confirmation]
44. Weapons of mass destruction czar, Gary Samore

Positions being planned:

1. Income redistribution czar
2. Land-use czar
3. Mortgage czar, formally “consumer financial protection czar” (source)
4. Radio-internet fairness czar (Mark Lloyd)
5. Student loan czar, to oversee a program of mandatory service in return for college money (source)
6. Voter list czar
7. Zoning czar

"Last time it was me doing the screaming . . ."

Howard Dean provided cover for Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) at a town hall meeting in Reston, VA. With at least half of the audience of leftist Astroturf, it's not difficult to imagine the reception Dean would have received from a non-staged audience. Moran accused people of not living in his district, and actually checked a guy's ID.

'Cruel and neglectful' care of one million NHS patients exposed

One million NHS patients have been the victims of appalling care in hospitals across Britain, according to a major report released today.

By Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor | Published: 12:01AM BST 27 Aug 2009 |

In the last six years, the Patients Association claims hundreds of thousands have suffered from poor standards of nursing, often with 'neglectful, demeaning, painful and sometimes downright cruel' treatment.

The charity has disclosed a horrifying catalogue of elderly people left in pain, in soiled bed clothes, denied adequate food and drink, and suffering from repeatedly cancelled operations, missed diagnoses and dismissive staff.

The Patients Association said the dossier proves that while the scale of the scandal at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust - where up to 1,200 people died through failings in urgent care - was a one off, there are repeated examples they have uncovered of the same appalling standards throughout the NHS.

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A Communist in the White House?

By Ron Radosh | August 26th, 2009 3:12 pm | Pajamas Media

Let us move to our current year- 2009. Again a new president is in office. A Democrat committed to change, who was himself accused during the campaign of having a background close to far Left radical circles. Most Americans viewed him quite differently, as a candidate of the center, whose inoffensive style and evident non-ideological approach to things, marked him as a pragmatist who would govern not from the Left, but from the solid center in which most of his countrymen dwelled.

Yet, like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has seen fit to actually appoint a Communist to a position of importance in the White House. This time, however, the appointment has received almost no mainstream notice, and those who have knowledge of it, seem to think it is no big deal. After all, Communists too are on the side of change on behalf of the people. As they used to say in the 30’s, they are just “liberals in a hurry.”

The man in question is named Van Jones, and President Obama appointed him as a czar in charge of developing “green energy policy.” His exact title is Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. His responsibility is to coordinate the stimulus spending to assure that a hefty portion of it goes to projects that promote green energy. What in Jones’ recent background should raise questions about his worthiness for the appointment? What was the expertise that made him qualified for the position? He was founder of in September 2007 of “Green For All,” a non-governmental organization “dedicated to building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty … advocating for local, state and federal commitment to job creation, job training, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the emerging green economy – especially for people from disadvantaged communities.” He also attended Yale Law School, thus following a career path similar to that of President Obama. And like the President, he recently said he considers himself a “community organizer.”

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who is Mark Lloyd?

Mark Lloyd for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights talks about media reform and social change at the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis, MN.

Inspired by Saul Alinsky, FCC 'Diversity' Chief Calls for ‘Confrontational Movement’ to Give Public Broadcasting Dominant Role in Communications
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
By Matt Cover

( – Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), called for a “confrontational movement” to combat what he claimed was control of the media by international corporations and to re-establish the regulatory power of government through robust public broadcasting and a more powerful FCC.

Lloyd expressed his regulatory call to arms in his 2006 book, “Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America” (University of Illinois Press).

In the book, Lloyd also said that public broadcasting should be funded through new license fees charged to the nation’s private radio and television broadcasters, and that new regulatory fees should be used to fund eight new regional FCC offices.

These offices would be responsible for monitoring political advertising and commentary, children’s educational programs, number of commercials, and content ratings of the programs.

Frequently referencing one of his heroes, left-wing activist Saul Alinsky, Lloyd claims in his book that the history of American communications policy has been one of continued corporate control of every form of communication from the telegraph to the Internet.

“Citizen access to popular information has been undermined by bad political decisions,” Lloyd wrote. “These decisions date back to the Jacksonian Democrats’ refusal to allow the Post Office to continue to operate the telegraph service.”

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Rush Limbaugh on Glenn Beck: Obama and Free Speech

Rush Limbaugh appeared on Glenn Beck's program to discuss possible efforts by the Obama administration to silence their critics, particularly talk radio. Rush believes that Obama does not want to debate his opponents, he wants to eliminate them. Beck and Rush discussed Mark Lloyd, Obama's diversity czar.

They stressed that the issues before the American people today are not about left vs. right, republican vs. Democrat, it's the state and totalitarianism against freedom and the American people.

Chris Matthews: Barack’s now the last brother

posted at 12:55 pm on August 26, 2009 by Ed Morrissey | Hot Air
Chris Matthews, not politicizing Kennedy’s death

We’ve been hearing warnings all day about how conservatives shouldn’t politicize Ted Kennedy’s death. One might think that those warnings should be directed not at Kennedy’s public political opponents, who have all conducted themselves with class, but with his allies in the media. Chris Matthews waited only hours to use the occasion to tinkle down his leg over the anger in town-hall forums prompted by the Barack Obama agenda, and likened it to the assassination of Ted’s older brother John (via Gateway Pundit and Newsbusters):

Lest you think those are isolated incidents, here’s Matthews again, not politicizing Kennedy’s death on the Today show:

MATTHEWS: He wanted to be his brother’s brother, and then he turned that torch over last year to Barack Obama. And the great thing about the Kennedys is that they always grew as a family. They tended to get better as they got older. Some families like the Long family of Louisiana dissipated. This family got better. The Kennedy commitment to civil rights was almost accidental. It began because of history — ‘63 and Martin Luther King’s march. By Bobby, it became passion, by Teddy it became real. And then Teddy turns it over to the first African-American and says, “You got the ball.” Amazing history. Barack’s now the last brother.

why lefty radio always fails -- it's super boring . . .

July 26, 2009 -- SOAPBOX #28 - Cindy Sheehan welcomes the trenchant insights of the famous American Intellectual: Gore Vidal. They discuss life in America during the Obama era. Mr. Vidal's penetrating and cogent commentary sheds desperately needed light on the subjects of his analysis.

Gore Vidal admits he is "alarmed about Obama." What is he alarmed about? That Obama had a beer with a police officer, and that we are still fighting in Afghanistan. "The Pentagon has you by the throat."

listen to the entire interview here

you can't have it both ways

Yes, Obama is sincere in his Marxist/leftist/progressive beliefs. Do they match the constitution? NO! So does he respect the constitution? Hell NO!

Johnny boy, where in the U.S. Constitution does it say it's OK to share my wealth, or use government force to redistribute my property?

Once again, McCain proves why he lost the election . . .

Busted!... Dem Headquarters Vandalized By Leftist Activist!!... Dems Blamed GOP

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | Gateway Pundit

Sorry Dems-- What Looked Like a Partisan Attack Was an Leftist Setup

The Colorado Democratic Headquarters in Denver was vandalized this morning. Eleven windows at the headquarters on Santa Fe Drive were shattered early this morning in a vandalism spree.

The Dems blamed the vandalism on the health care rhetoric.

But, later in the day authorities arrested a 24 year-old Maurice Schwenkler on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters. Shwenkler tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

The People's Press Collective did some investigating and found this on Shwenkler:

Schwenkler received a $500 payment by SEIU-related front-group Colorado Citizen Coalition?

SOS ID: 20085621714
Reporting Period: 10/23/2008 - 11/30/2008 Due: 12/04/2008

Date: 11/06/2008
1065 LIPAN
DENVER, CO 80204

Expenditure Type: Electioneering
Original Amount Reported: $0.00
Actual Amount: $500.00

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what happens when politicians meet educated constituents

The video shows him trying to debunk the "myths" regarding HR 3200. It sounds like the people don't believe him. Fox showed some of the Q&A. Moran tells a woman in the audience he would not go on the governments plan. Here's the audio:

Stuart Varney on the rosy forecasts that aren't

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

why don't we just give up and let the terrorist win?

Read these three headlines and ya gotta wonder if that's not what they're doing:

Brown Assails Libyan Homecoming for Lockerbie Bomber

Probe of CIA Imperils Interagency Trust

MEMO FROM MARTHA's: Chief golfs with his chef

Lot's of metaphors here:

It doesn't sound like the duffer-in-chief is playing too well.

On the second hole, a neighbor described Obama shooting — at best — a triple-bogey, or three over par.

"He and his foursome were coming up the fairway and it must have been his — I don't know — second or third shot. All I heard him say was 'fore!' and he hit a tree, but he was not too far from the green," said Sally Fitzgerald, a year-round resident who lives next to the second hole.

"So, he chipped up — a pretty good chip, and then I think he had three putts to get in, but that's a tough green."

Later, as he was finishing up his 9-hole round, he left a putt short. It was close enough for him; the president picked it up as a gimme — a time-saving measure when the ball is close to the hole.

The Ethics of Ferocity

posted at 3:56 pm on August 25, 2009 by Doctor Zero | Hot Air

I don’t have much patience or understanding for people who play games with national security for political benefit, so let me dismiss the political strategy of this outrage by saying it once again demonstrates the danger of believing your own political spin, and taking the lovestruck panting of a sycophantic media seriously. Real Americans are not anxious to punish the people who shut down al-Qaeda’s domestic operations. While liberals wave the Justice Department’s report on CIA interrogation techniques at the rest of the world and tearfully beg them for forgiveness, the rest of us are wondering why we don’t reduce the deficit by selling the rights to these interrogations on pay-per-view. The contestants on your average Japanese game show go through more intense ordeals.

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is it constitutional for the government to force you to buy anything?

O'Reilly says no.

Obama's Summer of Discontent

By FOUAD AJAMI | AUGUST 25, 2009 | Wall Street Journal

. . . In one of the revealing moments of the presidential campaign, Mr. Obama rightly observed that the Reagan presidency was a transformational presidency in a way Clinton's wasn't. And by that Reagan precedent, that Reagan standard, the faults of the Obama presidency are laid bare. Ronald Reagan, it should be recalled, had been swept into office by a wave of dissatisfaction with Jimmy Carter and his failures. At the core of the Reagan mission was the recovery of the nation's esteem and self-regard. Reagan was an optimist. He was Hollywood glamour to be sure, but he was also Peoria, Ill. His faith in the country was boundless, and when he said it was "morning in America" he meant it; he believed in America's miracle and had seen it in his own life, in his rise from a child of the Depression to the summit of political power.

The failure of the Carter years was, in Reagan's view, the failure of the man at the helm and the policies he had pursued at home and abroad. At no time had Ronald Reagan believed that the American covenant had failed, that America should apologize for itself in the world beyond its shores. There was no narcissism in Reagan. It was stirring that the man who headed into the sunset of his life would bid his country farewell by reminding it that its best days were yet to come.

In contrast, there is joylessness in Mr. Obama. He is a scold, the "Yes we can!" mantra is shallow, and at any rate, it is about the coming to power of a man, and a political class, invested in its own sense of smarts and wisdom, and its right to alter the social contract of the land. In this view, the country had lost its way and the new leader and the political class arrayed around him will bring it back to the right path.

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we're all fishy racists

Every Critic a Racist
By John Stossel | 08/24/2009 10:23 PM

During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s supporters promised that his election would allow America to “transcend race." Among the headlines:

The Boston Globe: "Obama shows an ability to transcend race”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Obama's success suggests we can transcend race”

But of course that hasn’t happened. Jonah Goldberg writes:

It was Obama’s supporters who hinted, teased, promised, and prophesied that Obama would help America “transcend race.” But now, it is they who shrink from their own promised land…

From Day 1, Obama’s supporters have tirelessly cultivated the idea that anything inconvenient for the first black president just might be terribly, terribly racist.

Goldberg has plenty of examples:

For instance, actress Janeane Garofalo summed up the tea parties thusly: “This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”

In an ABC News story about how racist white militias are somehow connected to town-hall protests, Mark Potok of the dismayingly left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center insists Obama has “triggered fears among fairly large numbers of white people in this country that they are somehow losing their country.”

Come on. Every president eventually is criticized by the media – even one as “transcendent” as Obama. The President’s supporters should engage his critics with facts, not charges of racism.

the daily reminder that Obama is on vacation in a fancy place

Glenn Beck goes after Color of Change co-founder Van Jones

August 24, 2009 3:41 pm | Los Angeles Times

Glenn Beck used his popular Fox News show this afternoon to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor who co-founded an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.

During his 2 p.m. PDT show, Beck did not address the boycott spearheaded by Color of Change to protest the talk show host’s remark last month that he believes President Obama is “a racist.”

Instead, he spent a large share of his program suggesting that Jones, who co-founded Color of Change in 2005, is a radical. Jones now serves as a special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

During a six-minute biographical profile, set to ominous music, Beck said Jones was twice arrested for political protests and has described himself as a "rowdy black nationalist." The talk show host cast the piece as part of a broader examination of Obama's "czars," special advisers to the president who "don't answer to anybody."

"Why is it that such a committed revolutionary has made it so high into the Obama administration as one of his chief advisers?" Beck asked.

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The thrill is gone for Obama and the media

By Chris Stirewalt | Political Editor | August 24, 2009 | The Examiner

There’s nothing like a summer vacation to rekindle a romance. So maybe a week on Martha’s Vineyard can bring back some of the magic between the Obama administration and the media.

Before White House press secretary Robert Gibbs left town, he tried to clarify President Barack Obama’s comment that “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.” Gibbs explained to reporters that what the president meant was that they were a bunch of bed wetters who made too much out of the implosion of the White House health care strategy.

Gibbs has grown more sardonic and patronizing as the summer wears on and Obama’s poll numbers wilt.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's real problem: the total collapse of public trust in his Administration

Danger for the White House: Collapse of Public Trust
By Clark S. Judge, managing director, White House Writers Group and former Special Assistant and Speechwriter to President Reagan

Washington is abuzz over the latest pronouncement from Charlie Cook, celebrated editor of the Cook Political Report.

Last week, Mr. Cook announced in his online newsletter that polling data “confirm anecdotal evidence, and our own view, that the [political] situation this summer has slipped completely out of control for President Obama and Congressional Democrats.” Poll after poll, he noted, shows the President’s approval rating at levels that are astonishingly low, considering the newness of his administration and the immense victory he and his party won just ten months ago.

But Mr. Cook and this city are a step behind. The great danger for Team Obama is no longer dismal polling numbers. Washington is only now acknowledging what should have been evident for weeks, that the President’s continued championing of the deeply unpopular health care overhaul is dragging down opinion about him and how he is handling his job. No, the new, new danger is that Mr. Obama could be moving towards a much more profound setback – a collapse of public trust in his Administration.

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A "profanity-laced screaming match" at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of another damning internal

August 24, 2009

A "profanity-laced screaming match" at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of another damning internal investigation, has administration officials worrying about the direction of its newly-appoint intelligence team, current and former senior intelligence officials tell ABC

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Could it be that they are gutting CIA's responsibilities regarding interrogation?

Holder to Appoint Prosecutor to Investigate CIA Terror Interrogations

By Carrie Johnson | Washington Post Staff Writer | Monday, August 24, 2009 2:23 PM

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has decided to appoint a prosecutor to examine nearly a dozen cases in which CIA interrogators and contractors may have violated anti-torture laws and other statutes when they allegedly threatened terrorism suspects, according to two sources familiar with the move.

Holder is poised to name John Durham, a career Justice Department prosecutor from Connecticut, to lead the inquiry, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the process is not complete.

Durham's mandate, the sources added, will be relatively narrow: to look at whether there is enough evidence to launch a full-scale criminal investigation of current and former CIA personnel who may have broken the law in their dealings with detainees. Many of the harshest CIA interrogation techniques have not been employed against terrorism suspects for four years or more.

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United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) - Muse

You and me are the same
We don't know or care who's to blame
But we know that whoever holds the reins
Nothing will change
Our cause has gone insane

And these wars, they can't be won
And these wars, they can't be won
And do you want them to go on
And on and on
Why split these states
When there can be only one?

And must we do as we're told?
Must we do as we're told?

You and me fall in line
To be punished for unproven crimes!
And we know that there is no one we can trust;
Our ancient heroes, they are turning to dust!

And these wars, they can't be won
Does anyone know or care how they begun?
They just promise to go on
And on and on
But soon we will see
There can be only one

United States!
United States!

... sia!
... sia!
... sia!

... sia!
... sia!
... sia!

... sia!
... sia!
... sia!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It’s pretty bad when you have *Air America* calling you a liar, Mr. President

Thursday, August 20th at 7:45PM EDT |

You really have to give the Air America hostess credit for the phrase “charming liar”. This recording is just unbelievable, considering the source.

Don’t be afraid to click on it and listen - this is the sweetest thing you’ll hear all night. It’s amazing that he has come to the point of antagonizing his own party and supporters just as much as he does us.

At this rate, Obama’s approval rating will be in single digits by Christmas. In the words of Brother Crank: “How’s that hopenchange workin’ out for ya?”

Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion

By Jeff Mason | Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:50pm EDT | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration will raise its 10-year budget deficit projection to approximately $9 trillion from $7.108 trillion in a report next week, a senior administration official told Reuters on Friday.

The higher deficit figure, based on updated economic data, brings the White House budget office into line with outside estimates and gives further fuel to President Barack Obama's opponents, who say his spending plans are too expensive in light of budget shortfalls.

The White House took heat for sticking with its $7.108 trillion forecast earlier this year after the Congressional Budget Office forecast that deficits between 2010 and 2019 would total $9.1 trillion.

Friday, August 21, 2009

NYT admits that seniors may need to fear Obamacare

A Basis Is Seen for Some Health Plan Fears Among the Elderly
By ROBERT PEAR | August 20, 2009 | New York Times

WASHINGTON — White House officials and Democrats in Congress say the fears of older Americans about possible rationing of health care are based on myths and falsehoods. But Medicare beneficiaries and insurance counselors say the concerns are not entirely irrational.

Bills now in Congress would squeeze savings out of Medicare, a lifeline for the elderly, on the assumption that doctors and hospitals can be more efficient.

President Obama has sold health care legislation to Congress and the country as a way to slow the growth of federal health spending, no less than as a way to regulate the insurance market and cover the uninsured.

Mr. Obama has also said Medicare and private insurers could improve care and save money by following advice from a new federal panel of medical experts on “what treatments work best.”

does this mean death panels?

Stupid Nation

Just how stupid do they think we are?
By Rich Lowry
August 21, 2009 12:00 AM | National Review Online

Rich doesn't allow excerpts without permission. If you want to go read his article, fine. I guess we're not worthy.

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Obama's Off To The Vineyard

ABC's Charles Gibson to Cindy Sheehan: Thanks for your sacrifice. Now get lost.

By Byron York | 08/20/09 11:02 AM EDT | The Examiner

In an appearance August 18 on WLS radio in Chicago, ABC News anchor Charles Gibson was asked about anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan's plans to travel to Martha's Vineyard next week, where she will protest the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while President Obama is vacationing there. Gibson, whose newscast and network featured Sheehan when she led anti-war protests outside President Bush's Texas ranch in 2005, answered, "Enough already."

That's a remarkably different stance from the one Gibson took four years ago.

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Obama's enemy list

Obama Snares Palin, Media in Wide Blame-Game Net
By Caroline Baum | August 18, 2009 |

Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- When the political winds shift -- when a party is voted out of power or a policy is panned by the public -- Washington turns to its favorite pastime: the blame game.

And so it is with President Barack Obama, who tripped on his sprint to the health-care-reform finish line. Voters, it seems, want to understand a little more about what ObamaCare will mean for them, what it will do to the doctor-patient relationship, and what it will cost future generations in higher taxes and, yes, rationed supply.

Rather than examine the public’s concerns, the plans’ inconsistencies or the sheer irresponsibility of trying to ram something this big and complicated through Congress without a small-scale trial, the Obama administration is pointing fingers. Lots of them. Most of the targets are just plain silly.

and the winners are:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

George W. Bush-by-Proxy Syndrome

By Andrew Breitbart | August 17, 2009 | Real Clear Politics

Now that Mr. Bush is quietly going about his retirement, this strain of rage - the GWB43 virus - has spread like wildfire, finding unsuspecting targets, each granting us greater perspective into what not long ago seemed like a mysterious phenomenon isolated only on our 43rd president.

The first person to catch the virus was Sarah Palin, whose family also was infected, including, unforgivably, her children.

Then it was Joe the Plumber, for asking a question.

Next were the Mormons.

Then it was Rush Limbaugh - who hit back.

Next, tax-day "tea party" attendees were "tea bagged."

Then there was a beauty contestant.

And a Cambridge cop, too.

And now we have town-hall "mobs."

Smile ... you've been "community organized."

When put on the media stage, these individuals and groups have been isolated for destruction for standing in the way of a resurgent modern progressive movement and for challenging its charismatic once-in-a-lifetime standard-bearer, Barack Obama.

This is their time, we've been told. And no one is going to stand in the way.

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Mark Steyn with Hugh Hewitt

Topics include blacklisting, Newsweek podcast.

more Hugh Hewitt podcasts here

back to the death panels?

We are God's partners in matters of life and death

By Ben Smith | August 19, 2009 | Politico

A reader points out that President Obama's call with the rabbis today — as recorded in Rabbi Jack Moline's and other clerics' Twitter feeds — freights health care reform with a great deal of religious meaning, and veers into the blend of policy and faith that outraged liberals in the last administration.

"We are God's partners in matters of life and death," Obama said, according to Moline (paging Sarah Palin...), quoting from the Rosh Hashanah prayer that says that in the holiday period, it is decided "who shall live and who shall die."

The president ended the call by wishing the rabbis "shanah tovah," or happy new year — in reference to the High Holidays a month from now.

Tim Pawlenty: Voters 'ticked off and scared'

By ANDY BARR | 8/20/09 4:51 AM EDT | Politico

Minnesota GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty, best known among Republicans for his fiscal record, has discovered a policy niche that is beginning to pay dividends for his prospective 2012 presidential bid: health care.

Though party insiders tend to be more familiar with the two-term governor’s record of balancing his state’s budget three times when facing deficits without raising taxes, he is emerging as a key GOP voice during the health care debate by occupying a space between two party poles, with former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich positioned on one side and former Massachusetts GOP Gov. Mitt Romney on the other.

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snake oil for sale -- get it now -- operators standing by

ART & COPY: Movie Trailer

she's not a dining room table, she's a LaRouche Democrat

Inconvenient links of the week: Obama and the LaRouche poster

Questions of competence begin to dog Obama

By: Chris Stirewalt | August 20, 2009 | The Examiner

President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats are again in an uproar over health care.

Liberals say they'll blockade any bill that doesn't include a government-run insurance program. And labor says it will sit out the 2010 elections if the president doesn't come across with a stout public plan.

Meanwhile, the moderate Democrats who were wooed for weeks by the administration are sidling toward the door, saying that the best thing would be just to start over.

Many at the White House no doubt wish they could take that advice.

It's been 177 days since Obama made his initial pitch for a health care overhaul to a joint session of Congress. That the president's team is still spending so much time stroking the Democratic base is evidence of how dire the situation is for this young administration.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why 'Obama-Care' is Failing

By Jonah Goldberg | August 19, 2009 | Real Clear Politics
To listen to the White House and its supporters, in and out of the media, you would think that opposition to "Obama-care" is the hobgoblin of a few small minds on the right. Racists, fascists, Neanderthals, the whole "Star Wars" cantina of boogeymen and cranks stand opposed to much-needed reform.

Left out of this fairly naked effort to demonize a great many with the actions of a tiny few is the simple fact that Obama-care -- however defined -- has been tanking in the polls for weeks. President Obama's handling of healthcare is unpopular with a majority of Americans and a majority of self-proclaimed independents.

Focusing on the town halls certainly has its merits, but if you actually wanted Obama-care to pass, casting a majority of Americans as being stooges of racist goons may not be the best way to go.

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MSNBC said white racists came to Obama event with guns

They edited their video to hide this man's race. MSNBC is worse than RACIST. They're nothing but liars and frauds.

Miller Time

Topics include Barney Frank, MJ's doc and Brad Pitt.

Barney Frank: whath's the matter with you all? I don't underthstand your mentality . . .

line by line

"When I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely..."

-- Barack Obama, 9/26/2008

"What I've done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut... I want to go through the federal budget line by line..."
-- Barack Obama, 10/15/2008

David Axelrod's Very Big Problem

Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 6:27 PM

The allegations in this Bloomberg story --if true-- pose a huge problem for a senior advisor to the president, David Axelrod. This is the heart of the problem:

Axelrod was president and sole shareholder of AKPD from 1985 until he sold his interest after Obama’s victory, government records show. The firm owes Axelrod $2 million, which it’s due to pay in installments beginning Dec. 31. Axelrod’s son, Michael, still works there. He didn’t return a phone call. The firm’s Web site continues to feature David Axelrod’s work on the Obama campaign. (Emphasis added.)

The problem is that Axelrod's former firm is currently receiving huge fees "from Healthy Economy Now, a coalition that includes the Washington-based Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, known as PhRMA," as well as AARP, the SEIU and other big players in the health care debate.

If Axelrod has been negotiating any part of any deal involving any of these players which are funneling money to the firm that owes him money, or if he is advising the president on the deals with any of these groups, that's a conflict of interest. Laundering the money through a "coalition" doesn't remove the conflict much less the appearance of impropriety. The coalition is in effect partially funding David Axelrod's severance package though its members might have done so unknowingly. These forthcoming payments to Axelrod are much more significant than the sort of "retained ties" that Democrats blasted Dick Cheney for vis-a-vis Halliburton even though there was no high level negotiations between the vice president and his former company.

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Their Goal: eliminate private insurance altogether

The key points come at 2:31, 4:44, 5:15, and 7:15, but the 5:15 is when the light dawns for Scarborough.

S: It sounds like you’re saying you think there is no need for us to have private insurance in health care.

W: I’ve asked you three times. What is their value? What are they bringing to the deal?

S: Again… I’m astounded by your question. It sounds like you’re suggesting that there’s no need to have a country that’s run on free market principles.

W: Time out. Let’s focus on one thing at a time. This isn’t a commodity, Joe. Health care isn’t a commodity.

S: You’re saying that health care is different than everything else.

W: Health care is not a commodity.

S: But you are making the conservatives’ point. You are making the point of the people at the town hall meetings who say this is Barack Obama’s opportunity to get rid of private health care and turn it completely over to the government. I’m sitting here stunned, saying Oh My God, you’re making the point of the health care protesters.

W: If Barack Obama doesn’t want to do it, I want to do it.