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In Honduras, While Obama Backs The Bad Guy, The Good Guy Does What Good Guys Do

Posted by: Jude at 1:40 PM | Friday, August 28, 2009 | Hugh Hewitt

Honduran interim President Roberto Micheletti is acting like the true Honduran patriot he is. We saw his character in an interview with Chris Burgard weeks ago, but the Obama administration has only turned it's back on the man representing the laws and the interests of the Honduran people. This morning the Washington Times broke the story:
"The interim president of Honduras has offered the man he replaced after a June coup the chance to return to the country on the condition that both renounce claims to the presidency, a negotiator said Thursday."
Read the article to see how, in spite of the continuing efforts by foreign parties to interject themselves by brokering a "solution", Honduras can solve its own problems. The deal terms:
• Both Mr. Micheletti and Mr. Zelaya would resign.
• The next in line under the constitution would become interim president.
• New elections would be scheduled and monitored by independent foreign observers.
• Mr. Zelaya may return as a private citizen.
• Mr. Micheletti will support a decision by the Honduran congress to grant "political amnesty [not involving common crimes] to all parties relating to events of June 28."

That last part is important because the ex-president apparently took a few million from the central bank on his way out. As you do. Anyway, let's recap. Would-be strongman Zelaya tried to openly bypass the Honduran constitution in order to remain president for longer than allowed. He was supported in this by Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers, and Noriega, just to give you an inkling of where he was coming from. He tried to co-opt the military in his crime, but was refused. Unfortunately for him, Honduran law specifically makes illegal any attempt by a president to do such a thing - mainly because of guys like him. So Zelaya had his illegal initiative ballots printed up in Venezuala and tried to move forward. He was opposed in this by the Attorney General, the Supreme Court, The Congress, and the military. His arrest was ordered by the AG, and the Supreme Court ordered the military to carry it out, which they did.

This is where the crocodile tears begin . . .

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