Thursday, August 20, 2009

Questions of competence begin to dog Obama

By: Chris Stirewalt | August 20, 2009 | The Examiner

President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats are again in an uproar over health care.

Liberals say they'll blockade any bill that doesn't include a government-run insurance program. And labor says it will sit out the 2010 elections if the president doesn't come across with a stout public plan.

Meanwhile, the moderate Democrats who were wooed for weeks by the administration are sidling toward the door, saying that the best thing would be just to start over.

Many at the White House no doubt wish they could take that advice.

It's been 177 days since Obama made his initial pitch for a health care overhaul to a joint session of Congress. That the president's team is still spending so much time stroking the Democratic base is evidence of how dire the situation is for this young administration.

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