Tuesday, August 25, 2009

why don't we just give up and let the terrorist win?

Read these three headlines and ya gotta wonder if that's not what they're doing:

Brown Assails Libyan Homecoming for Lockerbie Bomber

Probe of CIA Imperils Interagency Trust

MEMO FROM MARTHA's: Chief golfs with his chef

Lot's of metaphors here:

It doesn't sound like the duffer-in-chief is playing too well.

On the second hole, a neighbor described Obama shooting — at best — a triple-bogey, or three over par.

"He and his foursome were coming up the fairway and it must have been his — I don't know — second or third shot. All I heard him say was 'fore!' and he hit a tree, but he was not too far from the green," said Sally Fitzgerald, a year-round resident who lives next to the second hole.

"So, he chipped up — a pretty good chip, and then I think he had three putts to get in, but that's a tough green."

Later, as he was finishing up his 9-hole round, he left a putt short. It was close enough for him; the president picked it up as a gimme — a time-saving measure when the ball is close to the hole.

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