Friday, September 11, 2009

Census bureau terminates relationship with ACORN; cites 'worsening negative perceptions'

By: Byron York | 09/11/09 6:47 PM EDT | Washington Examiner

In the wake of devastating video reports revealing corruption at local offices of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, the U.S. Census Bureau has cancelled its agreement calling for ACORN to work on the 2010 census.

"The Census Bureau has established criteria for partnerships…and reserves the right to decline partnership or terminate an existing partnership agreement with any group that 1) may create a negative connotation for the Census Bureau; 2) could distract from the Census Bureau's mission; or 3) may make people fearful of participating in the census," wrote Census Director Robert Groves in a letter today to ACORN President Maud Hurd. "To that end…we are today terminating our Partnership Agreement with ACORN."

Groves' letter comes after BigGovernment, a new website from web entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, posted video reports in which ACORN officials in Baltimore and Washington DC were caught by an undercover camera openly endorsing tax evasion, prostitution, child sexual abuse, and the hiding of evidence from police. ACORN has fired the workers involved in both incidents.

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