Thursday, September 17, 2009

FOX News Poll: Are Obama's Opponents Racists?

By Dana Blanton | Thursday, September 17, 2009 | Fox News

Is it racism or an honest disagreement? In recent days, some — including former President Jimmy Carter — have suggested there is a racial element behind opposition to President Obama and his policies. Most Americans, however, don't see it that way: 65 percent think opposition to Obama's policies is based on honest disagreements, while 20 percent say it is mostly motivated by racism.

Black voters are twice as likely to say the opposition is motivated by race (63 percent cite racism as the reason for opposition and 27 percent say it is based on honest disagreements), while most white voters — 71 percent — say the opposition comes from honest disagreements.

Majorities of Republicans (87 percent) and independents (69 percent) think opposition to Obama's policies is based on honest disagreements. Among Democrats, 48 percent say honest disagreements and 34 percent say it is motivated by racism.

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