Monday, September 28, 2009

Romney: Obama's foreign agenda is "not just alarming but dangerous"

By Byron York | September 27, 2009 | Washington Examiner

Mitt Romney believes Barack Obama is going in the wrong direction on health care, the economy and a whole range of domestic issues. But there’s something else about the current political debate that disturbs the former governor.

“The challenges here, in health care, cap and trade, card check and the economy, have taken America’s eyes off what’s happening internationally,” Romney says. “And I think [Obama’s] errors there could be not just alarming but dangerous.”

He goes down a list: missile defense, apologizing for past American policies, Honduras, the Middle East. “I would have made it very clear to Israel that they are our friends, and we’re going to stand by them,” Romney says. “I’d make sure we treat our friends better than we treat our foes.”

Then there’s Afghanistan. “I’m a little surprised that, having made Afghanistan the center of his anti-terrorist strategy, he says he
doesn’t have a strategy at this stage for what to do in Afghanistan,” Romney says of the president. “I would have expected him to have accomplished that by this point.”

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