Friday, September 25, 2009

The scalps — like the viewers — are piling up around Glenn Beck

Sergant slaughtered. Media bewildered
Don Surber | | September 24th, 2009

While the national media outlets have gone after Glenn Beck — and the White House after his advertisers — Glenn Beck has been going after actual targets: People in the White House who abuse their offices.

Van Jones? Gone. Out of here. Slinking out of town on a late Saturday night.

ACORN? Ha Ha Ha. I saw the videos first on Glenn Beck.

Now, the White House has kicked to the curb Yosi Sergant, the Obama minion who tried to turn the National Endowment of the Arts into National Kickbacks to Friends of Obama.

Reported the WASHINGTON POST: “Sergant, a public relations professional from Los Angeles, had come to Washington to work in the Office of Public Engagement at the White House. He moved to the NEA in May and was reassigned from his post as communications director two weeks ago after coming under fire from conservative Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck.”

Now he has resigned. Effective immediately.

Reported POLITICO: “The White House has sought to downplay the story, which has gotten little mainstream media attention, despite heavy coverage on the right. But it did issue new guidelines aimed at preventing politics from mixing with agency business.”

The scalps — like the viewers — are piling up around Glenn Beck.

The New York Times, CBS and the rest can no longer hide this stuff.

The jig is up.

The public knows better.

From NEWSMAX: 89% of Americans think the mass media are in the tank for Barack Obama and have been for 2 years now.

Me? I don’t care. It will be fun reading the New York Times tomorrow morning as it tries to explain another controversy that it failed to report. Oh, wait, there was a story on Wednesday in the NEW YORK TIMES: “Agencies Instructed to Separate Politics From Grant Awards.”

Pardon me while I burp.

I’ve been a newspaperman for 30 years, doling out opinions for 22. It is unbelievable that a rodeo clown and two kids from High School Musical 3 (as Jon Stewart put it) are dismantling the most adored, historic and super-duper smart administration since Jefferson dined alone.

I haven’t seen anything like this since the guy who ran the gift shop at CBS — Matt Drudge — made Monica Lewinsky a household name.

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