Monday, October 26, 2009

The President Plays Too Much Sexist Golf

by Glynnis MacNicol | 9:40 am, October 26th, 2009

Meme alert! Get ready for the President’s golf game to take the cablers by storm. Let’s take a look at the signs.

Barack Obama’s fondness for golf is not a secret — anyone who follows a White House correspondent on Twitter knows that their weekends are often spent waiting for the president to finish his 18 holes. This past weekend, however, Obama’s favorite pastime got some extra, significantly placed, mentions. The first from CBS’s Mark Knoller who noted that Obama has racked as many golf games in his first nine months than George W. Bush did in almost three years:

# Today – Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24. Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months.
# Bush ended his presidential golf after round 24. He came to feel it was inappropriate for the Commander-in-Chief while US was at war.about 17 hours ago from web
# “I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the Commander-in-Chief playing golf,” Bush said to Politico’s Mike Allen.about 17 hours ago from web

Perhaps presidential golf is the new presidential “clearing brush.” Stay tuned for Glenn Beck’s analysis of why all this golf makes Obama a communist/socialist/elitist Mao follower. Which might be humorous, except the politics of Obama’s golf game does not stop there. Yesterday’s pool report, penned by Chicago Sun-Times‘ Lynn Sweet, noted that Saturday was the first time that Obama had invited a woman to join his foursome. The first time.

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