Wednesday, October 28, 2009

revisionist history or just slick propaganda?

This "documentary" (propaganda, more like it) is part of the mainstream media's fairy tale that Obama is an "outsider" elected "by the people." In fact, he is the product of the infamous, corrupt Chicago Democratic Party machine. He's as dirty (and "inside") as any Chicago-groomed politician ever was. Check out this 2008 article, NOT from Fox or the Wall Street Journal, but from the LIBERAL Chicago Tribune, which SUPPORTED Obama:

HBO is engaging in revisionist history worthy of a Holocaust denier.

And why do the Obama-worshippers continue to exploit small children -- like the 9-year-old in this trailer? What cheap, sick thrill do they get by forcing children to sing the praises of their idol? Let the adults who are able to independently form opinions fight the political fights. Leave the kids out of it.

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