Saturday, October 31, 2009

the Witch Hunt against conservative political speech

I found this on Michelle Malkin's site. Maybe they need a new artist -- even with the names printed on the belt buckles, and can't figure out who half of the people are . . . Anyway, Rush Limbaugh, exercising his 1st Amendment rights -- that's scary to them! But this is another case of projection. They're the zombies running the witch hunt, and what they want to do is EXORCISE our rights away from us.
Scary. That's what this mob of right wing ideologues are to most of us. Scarier still, they have a national platform to use code words and race baiting to spread fear and mistrust. It would be sad, even funny, if so many people weren't hurt by them. Hate crimes are up. False accusations and outright lies have cost good people their jobs and their reputations. And we don't know who will be next.

These millionaires posing as "everyday Joes" are trying to run our lives from a studio -- and it's got to stop.

If you agree, sign up here to find the simple things you can do to let them know we've had enough. It's clear. These attacks are a sign that they're the ones who are running scared -- scared of change.

Download and print the Witch Hunt flyer.
color pdf | b&w pdf

sign up now and you too can be shooting at Lou Dobb's home with his wife in the driveway

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