Friday, November 13, 2009

ACORN–The LA Story, Part II: Define ‘Community Organizer’

by Gary Hewson |

I was driving to my local OSH hardware store in West L.A. yesterday to buy some tools for the house where I spotted an ACORN rally across the street at some FOX studio. After buying some supplies, I went into my car to get the brand new hand-held HD video camera I had purchased just the night before for an upcoming vacation. With camera in hand, I walked towards the protesters to gather some pictures and video footage of the rally. I also called my friend Andrew Breitbart and suggested he come down. I had a feeling he’d be interested.

But before he could make it to the rally, an ACORN organizer had crossed the street and approached me with an ACORN flyer in her hand. As she started to talk, I clicked the record button of the new camera I had bought on a whim, not knowing what it would capture or how it even worked, for that matter. I heard the same things you will now hear on this recording. Three minutes later I walked away in shock. I started to tremble from what she admitted to me with utter nonchalance. I walked inside a nearby store and found a quiet place to play the tape for myself and realized that I had wintessed something maybe no one was ever supposed to hear:

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