Sunday, November 8, 2009

East Germans lost much in 1989

As Obama and the Peloci-ites brings Marxism to the U.S., those remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall remember the terrible feelings of losing state-controlled government, their health care, their cush government jobs, and the utter sadness of gaining their God-given rights and freedoms.

by Bruni de la Motte | | Sunday 8 November 2009 11.00 GMT

Since the demise of the GDR, many have come to recognise and regret that the genuine "social achievements" they enjoyed were dismantled: social and gender equality, full employment and lack of existential fears, as well as subsidised rents, public transport, culture and sports facilities. Unfortunately, the collapse of the GDR and "state socialism" came shortly before the collapse of the "free market" system in the west.

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Bruni de la Motte was born in the GDR, and gained a PhD at Potsdam University where she worked as a lecturer in English literature. Shortly before the Wall fell, she married a British man and came to live in Britain. She now works as a national negotiator for a British trade union.

Now, if you really want to see what East Germany lost when the wall came down, watch the Oscar-winning film The Lives Of Others.

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