Monday, November 9, 2009

The fall of the Berlin Wall: Your memories

As Germany celebrates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the BBC News website has asked readers to share their memories of the historic day.

I was imprisoned twice by the Communists - when I was 15 and tried to flee the oppressive system and again at the age of 21 when organising a demonstration in Dresden in February 1988. They came like Gestapo in the early hours of the day, searched my home and transported me to the Secret Police Headquarters in Bautzener Landstrasse in Dresden - they knew how to do their job... Almost one year passed and then the former West German government invested in my freedom a few tens of thousand Deutschmarks and I was released at end of 1988 and transported to the "Iron Curtain" by train accompanied by two Stasi officers. I decided to reside in West Berlin.

The first time we crossed the border it felt like a miracle. And every time we travel to a Western country, we feel a bit of that miracle again
Marianne, Gera, Germany

One year later the Wall went down as I was phoning my parents who were still living in East Germany. That night I immediately went to the Brandenburg Gate and stood on top of the Wall. I later jumped down onto the Communist side and provoked the border guards. Fortunately they didn't shoot me and even helped me up the Wall again. Over the next few days I went to the Wall and helped to bring down this disgrace - piece by piece with hammer and chisel - what an irony...

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