Sunday, November 15, 2009

Venezuelan Government Blames Video Games For Violence, Implements Widespread Ban

November 5, 2009 |

Venezuela’s parliament has approved a law that lumps in toy weapons with videogames and bans the import, production or sale of both groups of items within the country.

The law was approved late last week and will go into effect within three months, reports Russian news agency Ria Novosti. The law features strict penalties of up to three to five years of incarceration for each offense. Previous reports also claimed that campaigns would be launched to warn about the dangers of videogames and that Venezuela’s consumer protection society would have full decision making abilities over what games to ban.

On BoingBoing, a 26-year old Venezuelan gamer named Guido Núñez-Mujica has penned an article detailing his distaste for the new law, even in the face of government harassment that could emerge from his public denouncement.

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Tedius Zanarukando said...
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Tedius Zanarukando said...

That is a very bogus law; I certainly hate that law. It is too restrictive and forces a negative view of video games on people. I do not honor people who support the belief that violent video games desensitize people to violence or aggressive behavior, regardless of whether they have a title that demands respect. It is the worst law ever enacted in Venezuela. I certainly hope that the United States does not follow suit, and such law is violative of the U.S. Constitution. Venezuela is not a democracy; it is a dictatorship, plain and simple. The United States should cease all relations with Venezuela. There should be an ultimatum: Venezuela must either repeal that anti-video-game law or else the United States will perform a regime change on that country.