Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two Days Left for Chebama Blog

What started out as a school project to sell t-shirts and design a website, ended in the documentation of Obama's first year as president. I spent one to two hours per day to scour the news and find articles I thought were important to keep at my fingertips.

T-shirt sales never really took off. It was a fun experience, but nobody really picked up on the idea, and I didn't want to promote heavily to news organizations, radio programs etc., because of worries with copyright, even though Fidel Castro does not believe in intellectual property rights. I figured that if leftists can capitalize on Che and promote communism with t-shirts, posters and movies, a conservative could do the same and promote the opposite message.

It's been fun, but I would like to devote that one to two hours a day preparing for disaster. As a survivalist at heart, I may be preparing for the downfall of the Obama administration and possibly our government/money system/nation as a whole. Or it may just be the next ice storm that paralyzes my neighborhood.

Hyperinflation is maybe one year away -- two at the most -- ready to destroy the economy, ready to destroy our beloved USA. Our nation will continue to suffer from "Man-Caused Disasters" (terrorism) because the terrorists know that Obama doesn't really care. His words lack any force behind them. He's out snorkeling right now in the Hawaiian surf. He's out on the golf course right now. And when he IS in the White House, he's hosting parties for Hollywood leftists and party crashers. Even a Jack Bauer could not save us when an entire administration is filled with nothing but Chicago party hacks and communists. And I haven't said anything about Capital Hill.

We may be facing food shortages, major industrial strikes, work shortages, hyper-unemployment, and possibly flu plagues and other natural-caused disasters. Please acquire food and emergency supplies to withstand the storm. Then help your neighbors.

Thanks to all who came here, and especially to those who bought t-shirts. Half never sold. I guess they will go into my preparedness clothing supplies. Take care!


Tara said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Thanks for all the hard work.

sucktackular said...

Good. GTFO